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I'm fine


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Rouleau 2┬ádays, 9┬áhours ago
Can I get a legit age on this woman, bc she doesn't exactly...gyrate the way an older person does
HuntlukOxter 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
In germany one guy drives and two collect the trash
Windbag 5┬ádays, 4┬áhours ago
Tbf it worked maybe the dog is on to something here. He'll share this information with the rest of dog kind. "I have developed a way to bring our humans back to life"
Braggart 5┬ádays, 4┬áhours ago
Why are they playing basketball on the street?
Adiabatic 5┬ádays, 5┬áhours ago
imagine doing this drunk
Garrett 6┬ádays, 4┬áhours ago
My dude! I worked a security job to pay for school, and we played so many dumb games