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He thinks this little human can play ball with him


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Yperite 8 hours ago
My girl LOVES getting dried off and the paws wiped down after rainy days out doing her thing. I think being dried off is a treat for her, as a stray she didn't have that luxury and had to stay wet when she was.
anclanin 8 hours ago
Stay golden, good boy
Lollygag 9 hours ago
Haha he bloody knew from the first biscuit what was going on. ‘Keeeep going human, that’s it, add more, I’m still sleeping....suckerrrr’ Nom nom nom!
Rouleau 3 days, 12 hours ago
those are the most ferocious dogs of them all. As a child I was attacked by them on a daily basis coming home from school. Still traumatized till this day.
HuntlukOxter 3 days, 13 hours ago
I love watching his eyes as he’s looking around for his other buddies. 👀 and then he takes off again.