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Falcon 9 taking off above LA


VaneBozo 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
how much dirt fell on los angeles. breathe deeper. Good job´╗┐
henhen59 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
@VaneBozo None, because it went south from Vandenburg, and didn't go over LA.
RossM 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
People like Elon Musk are the future of this planet.´╗┐
anclanin 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
@RossM Thats why we need more of him! Everyone can be a "Elon Musk" :)´╗┐
Arvilla 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
Anyone got an explanation about whats going on from 3s - 9s...so beautiful but I need a sciencey explanation please...´╗┐
Heathercut 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
@Arvilla It's twilight in LA and the surrounding area. The rocket launches in darkness, but after a short while, it's high enough to be in the sunshine.
Tribble 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
I did not know that a rockets launch can look that badass.´╗┐
anclanin 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
IÔÇÖm wondering how long is your shutter speed to make such a fluid time lapse?´╗┐
Huisache 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
@anclanin It was 0,5" shutter speed and 1" interval!´╗┐
Nonplussed 4┬ádays, 7┬áhours ago
This footage! I feel this footage marks the beginning of the era where rockets going to space became a common sight on a city skyline, behind the other city lights and airplane traffic in "low" altitude. This is historical footage. We just don't know yet how nostalgic it will feel in 50 years!´╗┐
Rijsttaffel 4┬áhours ago
I would get tangled in that sheet and die ­čśé
anclanin 4┬áhours ago
Wow that was awesome!´╗┐
Bumfuzzle 4┬áhours ago
How in the heck are they getting out of that position?
Akshay Darekar 5┬áhours ago
this isnt for me since if i ride this i might faint even tho im securely latched on
Nonplussed 5┬áhours ago
Such a stylish video... She is very talented´╗┐
Pandemonium 1┬áday, 6┬áhours ago
I am pretty positive I would spend more time having a wrestling match with those arm mechanisms than I ever did just stuffing a new damn bag into the can myself
ShihTzu 1┬áday, 6┬áhours ago
His day just got instantly more tolerable
Acrimony 1┬áday, 6┬áhours ago
I mean I know vaping is not ok , but this looks really cool
ShainaChattin 1┬áday, 6┬áhours ago
Interesting... wait, the f***?
Acrimony 1┬áday, 7┬áhours ago
I easily get jealous with a couple who do workout and who get fit together. I better find my workout partner too.