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HuntlukOxter 8 hours ago
We need more people like this in this world 🙏
ShanginTuchis 7 hours ago
How do you even come up with something like that? Very creative. But now I feel like eating a banana 😂
RossM 8 hours ago
Yeah right , it’s just the easiest part 😂😂😂 , try to do all the preparation , set everything like that just for the video part 😅😂😂😂
Yperite 8 hours ago
My girl LOVES getting dried off and the paws wiped down after rainy days out doing her thing. I think being dried off is a treat for her, as a stray she didn't have that luxury and had to stay wet when she was.
Psophometer 8 hours ago
Wow, he did such a good job! Plus, it can come in very handy if you're a midget 😂
Windbag 8 hours ago
I love how calm she is working it all out, thought she might get frustrated with the red but she keeps working and figuring it out. Hoping to channel that at work tomorrow to figure our this problem I've been stuck on for days.
Garrett 8 hours ago
adore optical illusions like this one. The artist did an incredible job 👌
anclanin 8 hours ago
Stay golden, good boy
VaneBozo 8 hours ago
That's Josh Herrin on his personal R1. That's the bike he ended up having to ride in a Moto America race as well. I believe he got black flagged for doing this because the corner worker thought there was something wrong with his bike haha. Dude's a beast!